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hi i'm Julia and i missed the memo on how to be an adult because i was too busy crying over fictional characters.

I went to America & blogged about it

"Guten Abend meine Damen und Herren, Junge und Jungfrauen" aka HobbitCon memorable moments part 1

  • above mentioned quote by MC Mark “Gil- Galad” “Marky” Ferguson, translated to: “Good evening Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and virgins”
  • More information about the Dwarf Calendar, including:
  1. William Kircher (March) posing in a padded cell with his face prosthetic in a compromising position by his crotch (the only photo Graham didn’t have any input in)
  2. Jed Brophy (September, I think) posing Baywatch style on the floor
  3. Adam Brown washing Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, wearing roller skates, legwarmers and sweat bands
  4. Richard Armitage posing whilst sitting astride a chair (with the chair back to the front), holding Orcrist, with a special appearance by Dwalin’s hand in the corner, holding a hairdryer
  5. Graham McTavish in the “iconic shirtless man holding baby” pose with a digitally shrunk Adam in a fetal position as the baby
  • General heckling and panel crashing by members of the cast
  • Mark Hadlow being the first person  to utter the words “Testicles” and “Nipples” at any con (and in the very first panel, too!)
  • Stephen Hunter talking about being kicked out of his trailer by Adam and Dean who’d take over his trailer to play FIFA
  • Adam Brown’s 10 am panel the day after the party
  • "Dwalin Milk"
  • Adam mentioning how Graham was able to do everything, except keep his horse under control, subsequently acting out Graham (hilariously) trying (and failing) to keep Harley under control
  • All the dwarf actors taking the piss out of Graham at the closing ceremony by galloping around the stage when he came on
  • "So if it’s a Western, how did you cope with the horses?" "I shot them" - Adam and Jed running to the microphone to ask Graham about his new movie and Graham deadpanning right back
  • Stephen Hunter as Lady Galadriel meeting Mark Hadlow as Jed Brophy
  • Mark constantly taking the piss out of, and hilariously imitating Jed
  • Dean attempting to explain what “to take the piss” means: “Well, it doesn’t literally mean to take the piss, like *walks to MC Mark, mimes obtaining a cup of piss and then walking away*, uhm, it just means… to take the mickey?”
  • "I can be fucking angry too!" - Adam Brown while Jed mimes digging a grave
  • Rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrradagast the brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrown!
  • "There’s a question up on the balcony" "Jump!" - Sylvester McCoy during one of his (two) floor panels
  • "Is it me or is it "Fili-ing" hot in here?" - Mark Ferguson before he introduced Dean
  • Dean’s response to that at the bar: “Yeah, what a dick! I can’t live up to these expectations!”

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